Slave Leigh experiences what it’s like to have a crowded pussy at the direction of her Master.

“Find your suction toy and attach it to the closed toilet lid.”

I quickly undress as I head toward the nearest bathroom. Once there, I squat upon the cock and let it brush against my opening.filled pussy

“Yeah, that’s it.  Massage your clit with the tip of the dick.”

My breathing quickened as the dildo danced upon my fuck button.

“Master, this toy is rather long and large” I explain.

“Yes, and it is ALL going inside of you. Master wants to see you feel what it’s like to take a large cock.”

I’ll admit, I didn’t know how I was going to fit this all of it inside of me, but my sensitive clit was taking a liking to the stimulation…

To be continued…


Did Leigh’s crowded pussy surrender to an orgasm without permission from Master?


Slave Leigh describes how her intense training by Master during the week shaped her sexuality.

I writhed and clenched my legs together fighting the urge to play with myself. I knew my energies needed to go
mastersinto my daily and personal tasks. Instead, from dawn-to-dark, my schedule was filled with a list of tasks to accomplish to become Master’s personal fuck slave.

The naughty words scribbled upon my bare breasts and pussy tormented me into believing that perhaps they were true. However, to my surprise, as the week carried on, the words were worn as a badge of honor.

At the same time, I feared that I had become nothing more than his personal fuck plaything. A slut that craved her Master’s impure thoughts.

My nipples continually stayed erect and begged for attention frequently.  Movie clips of me fucking myself, wearing nipple rings, my shaved pussy and such were common and frequent throughout the day.

…to be continued

Will Master raise the bar and expect to expand Leigh’s sexuality by pushing her further out of her comfort zone?

Slave Leigh shares how Master decides to tease her asshole with his erect shaft.

Master intends to snug his warm throbbing cock into my taut asshole.

He has first pulled down his navy colored eightImage ball boxers to let his cock burrow in the crack of my ass.

“Damn, you are so fucking adorable…” he whispers as he tugs on the pink leather collar around my neck.  Reminding me that I am his play thing.

“Is Leigh an obedient fucking cum whore pussy slut slave that puts her Master first?”

To be continued…


Can Leigh leave the argument behind her and allow Master to play with her taut asshole.

Slave Leigh shares her insight on her whore training by Master.breast bondage

Last night Master’s filthy mind was prepared with an over-sized agenda of what our training would entail.  His expectations were firmly stated, and I was recruited to serve his needs.

The grand finale being that my pussy would receive a repeated pounding that it so desperately craved.

Tell Master who owns those tits…”

Visions of my bondaged breasts from earlier in the day drifted in my thoughts.

“You like how Master had you out in public with your nipples rubbing against your shirt today…didn’t you?”

…to be continued



Were Master’s filthy ways building Leigh to become his insatiable cum fuck whore?

Slave Leigh is quickly reminded of her place with Master’s nipple torture assignment.nipple torture

Master called upon me to locate my silver nipple rings.  I was instructed to wear them all day at work. Attaching them to my tender nipples was torturous.   Therefore, I was greatly concerned about following his orders.

“I breathed through the wicked waves they sent throughout.”

“Master, I have never worn them that long before.  I do not know if I can keep them on for that length of time.”

“Well, I guess you will find out what it’s like to wear them that long” he replied sternly without hesitation.

It was clear he was expecting nothing less than obedience.

“Since you are concerned, keep them on for one hour and then off for the next hour.  Repeat this pattern.”

Consequently, I gathered that was about the worst idea since reattachment would start the ache all over again.

I extended my soft pink nipple between the thumb and forefinger….

…to be continued

Will Leigh remember her place as a slave once the rings are removed?  How long will the sensations reside in her body after the nipple torture has ended?




Slave Leigh shares how Master marks his territory with cum.

Master wiped his slippery pre-cum onto my small pink lips with his fingertips.  His round pattern and his blue eyes watched my reaction intently as he did so. cum 2

“Sensational…” he remarked as he finished.  I must admit, I’ve never had this done before and it was quite a surprise, yet it also was a turn on.

You like having my cum in your mouth…don’t you?”

After that, he drew me in for a deep kiss, while holding my chin.  The kiss pushed the cum all over my tongue and the flavor was uniquely Master’s.  I felt my rock hard nipples brushing against my t-shirt

“You like having my cum in your mouth, don’t you kitten?”  I nodded my head in approval.

He continued to milk his cock and then swipe the precum off of the tip of his dick several times and repeated his little game of covering my lips…


to be continued


Will Master like that Leigh beat him to the taste or will she endure discipline for her swift choice to taste her cum first?


Leigh prepares for Master to fuck the depths of her mouth and perhaps other places.

My obedient powder blue eyes glance up to Master as I shuffle on my knees with my wrists twined in front of me.cum on tongue

“Do you like how Master has tied your hands and has left you with only your mouth to please?”

Show Master how much you like to suck his cock”

While slipping into a fuzzy subspace, I hear his throaty voice and the pinch of the clit-clamp in sync with his words. An embarrassed giggle surfaced for not paying closer attention.

“That was a question.  Would you appreciate that?” he says while holding my chin and making direct eye contact….

…to be continued


Is an ass fuck really what Leigh wants?  Can she find a way to redirect Master’s idea or will she endure the wrath of her Master?


Slave Leigh describes how Master decides to share her with another Master.

My senses were restricted with a soft black blindfold and scratchy twine around my wrists and ankles as Master prepared to share me.  I wiggled my body around to make myself comfortable on the bed.  With mychocolate shared slave legs spread wide open, smooth pussy exposed,  I felt vulnerable.

I waited for Master to coat my nipples and pussy in creamy peanut butter and drippy sweet smelling chocolate.  That was his plan.

“Tell me who is the slut?”

“That would be me Master” I said, unsure that I liked his choice of words.

“That’s right kittten.”

It was a dizzying and a strange dark existence as the blindfold created a surge of fear for the unknown. I wondered what sort of Master he enlisted to accomplish this task.

nipple pic ooooI heard his footsteps coming near the bed. He placed an unexpected warm chocolate kiss on my lips and dragged his finger over my erect wet clit and massaged the creamy stuff around in circles….

…to be continued

Can Leigh go through with this task without finding a way out?  Who is this man that Master is sharing Leigh with?

Slave Leigh is summoned to fuck herself with a hefty cucumber despite her resistance.

Little did I know that my joke about the splendid size of a cucumber to my friend would result in a mind blowing fuck session. cucumberIndeed, that is exactly what happened at the direction of Master.

Straight from the chilly refrigerator, I feared it was obnoxiously brisk. Instead the firm, rounded end, soothed my steaming hot clit and massaged it into a preorgasmic frenzy.

“Who owns that pussy Kitten?…tell Master….he wants to know.”

“Master owns this pussy” I replied,  shivering with thrill as the cucumber danced upon my bulging  fuck button.  Its warty surface rubbing against my pussy sent waves of delight.

“That’s right.  Now fuck yourself” he ordered….

to be continued


Will Leigh use the cucumber that gave a good fuck in her salad later that afternoon or will she discard it after training?


Read an erotic novel about BDSM by Sydney R. Saige.


How do I begin this journey?

There truly is not a “right” way to begin a journey into being ancouple embracing online BDSM slave.  It is a path that begins as you desire for it to begin and it grows based upon your curiosity and perseverance.  A great way to approach your online research,  is to take what you like and to leave the rest. For example, don’t let a structured hardcore source ruin your concept of what this lifestyle or playtime means.

What is the right way to practice BDSM?

When I first started exploring, I spent quite some time researching different keywords to bring about the answer that I was looking for. There is not a cookie cutter way to bring about a full description of what being a submissive entails.  There are some key principles to understand to set up the dynamics of communication for yourself and your Master.  Your Master will outline those expectations immediately through your interactions.  A part of the beauty of being a submissive is to watch the relationship unfold naturally without knowing all of the answers to your questions.

When first working with a Master, you will quickly learn his likes, needs, preferences and tolerance.  Each Master brings about a new flavor to the experience.

Remember that as you work to be a satisfying submissive, that your Master is working equally as hard to set up the scenario for a specific result. Although it may appear effortless, being a good Master is also challenging.

Self Esteem

Being a submissive is not about is taking a beating to your self esteem. Be certain that you can make the transition between your relationship and what it entails versus who you are in your every day life.  I will never forget an online post that broke my heart early on.  It was written by a woman that described how she gave her mind, body, soul to her Master.  When he left her, she felt lost, alone and terrified.  It’s important to stress that the journey is not about your Master being perfect, or about you surrendering your common sense.  Approach the journey your Master is leading you to as a place of learning.  A good Master, will almost always leave you in a place of adoration for his complexity and playing out his visions.

As a side note, no one can “take your soul”…it is yours for your entire lifetime.  You may experience a feeling of shedding a part of your personality and the essence of who you are during your work with your Master, but when the session ends, you have the tools needed to return to what kind of person you are.  Simply put, keep your life balanced and healthy.


Sometimes a part of the BDSM play may consist of language that you may think as being offensive.  If you find that the words being used are damaging to your well being, then you may want to re-think your choice of Master, or find a way to share with him the reason why the word is difficult to accept.  Often, you can work through the barriers that are getting you stuck.  But, also know that if a Master says for example that you are a *worthless xyz…and it bothers you, you will want to put your needs first and evaluate if BDSM is enhancing or damaging your sexual experience.


Often work with a Master will bring you a new level of confidence.  By sharing sacred sexual events, it can begin to unfold your hidden sexual desires.  Having a safe place to explore them with a Master that genuinely wants to see you happy makes a world of difference.  It is my hope that you too will find a Master that is able to bring about growth in your sexuality.

Knowing Your Place

The sooner you can come to terms with the concept that your Master is at the top and you are beneath him, the quicker you will be able to understand the concept of BDSM.  Keep in mind that this mindset may seem a bit intimidating (trust me, I went to an all female college that taught us to be strong women), but with the right Master, this concept can bring about more pleasure than you could ever imagine.

Setting Up A Time Frame For Beginning and Ending A BDSM Relationship

From what I have heard, anything over six months straight can be damaging to your sexuality.  Taking a break is highly recommended.  Since being a submissive requires you to push through your sexual barriers to explore outside of your comfort zone, it can over time bring about feelings of not having any boundaries on your sexual preferences.  Keeping balance and harmony in your BDSM exploration is key.  I’m not suggesting that this is always the case, but it is information to be aware of to prevent damage to your well being.

Here are a few sites that I explored for information early on:

Erotic Lactation.  The definition of lactation for adult play.

Extreme Restraints.  Items such as bondage gear, sex toys, dildos & insertables, vibrating sex toys, chastity devices, strap ons, nipple toys, mouth gags, remote sex toys, collars and a pleatheria of toys.

Expectations.  Topics revolve around instilling patience, managing expectations, consistency trust, and developing communication skills.

An Array of Adult Toys.  Kinky bondage toys from a reliable source that has been around for quite some time.

Taken In Hand.  A resource for setting up a power play scenario.


Good Luck In Your Journey…may it be unforgettable and safe.

Sydney R. Saige


*If you or someone you know is not in a consenting relationship and need assistance to leave I have included an important resource:

To end and abusive relationship that is harming your well being please call 1-800-799-7233.


Read an erotic novel.