Slave Leigh decides she is craving her Master.  

I craved Master’s smell, his taste, his cum, his voice and wanted to lick and suck every part of him. Devour him in an oral sort of way.

I imagined mysucking cock ,,,,,,,,,, fingers exploring his body and feeling his strong hands moving my hands to where he wanted his pleasure. His bulging cock ready to explode in his pants, me unleashing it, my head being held just beneath his balls.  My tongue ravishing his body.

“My beautiful whore, tell me who owns you?

Licking, sucking, and dripping all over the crisp sheets. Me humping his leg and leaving my pussy juices smeared all over his thighs. His cock filling my throat and pressing deeply against my cheek. My hands restrained behind my back leaving me with only my mouth to use.  Being left on my knees to suck until Master determined he’d had enough.  A red satin tie placed around my eyes while igniting unknown pleasure.  Master’s strong hand smacked lightly against my cheek, “my beautiful whore, tell me who owns you?”

Can submissive Leigh contain her strong feelings for her Master?



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