Leigh describes the outcome of her harsh punishment from Master’s pent up frustration with her behavior.

chin under hand ‘Please don’t tear me to shreds Master‘ I said to myself, in anticipation of my fate for Master’s punishment.  Tonight, he was only instant messaging me and was denying me of hearing his voice.   Master had us continue to use the chat feature instead of the phone for quite some time.

Things started with him requesting pictures or video clips of me in a variety of phases of the punishment. The first clip was of me asking Master to please go easy on me and to not “tear me to shreds.” I felt like I was being circled by a vicious shark.  Not knowing what to expect and yet understanding the seriousness of the matter at hand.

My first video clip strangely revealed to me that it looked like I wanted to cry and I had not realized this about myself. I knew I was sad that it had come to this sort of night, but did not know that my face would tell the story. I sent the clip embarrassed by it, and then thought that maybe he would find some compassion in my words and visual.

What followed was bound breasts, enlarged labia lips, expanded clit, protruding nipples also induced with suction and then the wrath of his next request: To attach clothespins to my already tired nipples….

…to be continued


Can Leigh walk a straight and narrow path to keep her Master satisfied?