Leigh is ordered to masturbate at work by her controlling dominant Master.

dominant bdsm orgasm (1)

It was late at night and I ended up staying at the office to meet an urgent deadline, forgetting about my dominant Master’s needs. There were several other staffers finishing up their projects as they walked about the office to the coffee machine. I was interrupted by Master’s phone call.  He inquired about me taking a break from my project to serve him.  

…tell Master who the cum slut whore is?

I resisted politely and eventually not long after that, I was opening the heavy door to the dark conference room just down the hallway from my desk.  The large window at the far end of the room faced the dimly lit parking lot.  I kept the lights turned off to ensure that no one would notice me using the room.

“Pull down your pants” said Master as the clunky door closed itself behind me.  I gasped in pure shock over his request.  I wanted to question his judgement, but instead I obeyed as I pressed my back against the door.  With pants dropped around my ankles, I slid down the surface area of the door and sat down with my legs spread apart.  The cool air amplified the growing wetness between my legs.

“Play with your nipple” he instructed.  My fingers searched and immediately found my erect nipple.  There seemed to be a strong love affair going on between Master’s voice and my throbbing nipples.  The sensation of my touch ignited my desire to experience more pleasure and frolic.

“Now, slowly rub your clit…real light” said Master’s gruff voice…

…to be continued

Can Leigh contain herself enough to not alert other staff members of her about to be exploding orgasm?  

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