Submissive Leigh shares the growing concern regarding a potential discipline from her Master for her decisions.


I could detect the discipline he was about to administer right here at my work. His phone call instantly popped my zen bubble leaving my mood soured.  I thought I had excused myself of our training with my busy schedule.

I felt it (the dildo) being propelled out of my hole by its virgin tightness.

“Do tell me, where are my pictures kitten?”  A part of my training was to provide pictures to Master throughout the day to show him I was doing the training that he instructed me to do.

“I sent you an email explaining that I was too busy to train Master.”

“Nonsense, where is your anal plug?”

“It’s in my purse.” Is he serious?

“Go to the restroom and drive it into your tight asshole. Now!” he ordered.

I promptly walked to the restroom and once inside, I pulled down my cum stained pants.  I slowly wedged the plug into my tight hole.

“Nice and deep.”

I felt it being propelled out of my hole by the virgin tightness…

…to be continued


Whatever will Master do to Leigh when he administers the remainder of her punishment?  Can Leigh handle working with a spicy hot unhappy Master?

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