Master pushes Leigh to understand all that her body is capable of with squirting.


“Write ‘Master’s Fuck Slut‘ on your tits” he ordered.  Something about his request made my lips curl into a smile.

Like a good devoted slave, I used a black broad tip sharpie to print out the letters largely across the tops of my oversized melons. With surprise, my pussy was drenched in excitement.

…don’t you dare fucking stop

Affectionately he responded, “Perfect” once I finished. I detected passion in his voice, “you make Master very happy.”

“Thank you Master.” I wanted to devour his sexuality and ride out the intense cosmic energy building between us.  I craved him in a deep animalistic way.  Strangely, I was discovering there wasn’t much I wouldn’t do to please him….

to be continued


Can Leigh remain obedient to her determined Master?  Can she taste her own fruits of excitement splattered on her sheets as Master desires?


Read an erotic adventure by Sydney R. Saige.