Leigh finds herself thrust into a BDSM training session immediately after work without warning.

orgasming womanLately, Master has a thing for fucking my pussy until I beg for not another thrust.

I had just walked in the door and took a sip of my Starbucks.  I had planned on chilling to a new season of a television show.

Instead Master the dictatorial phoned me.  His orders snuffed out my plans swiftly.  Much like a bobcat capturing an unsuspecting rabbit.

“Remove your clothes” he instructed.

There was no questioning his rules.  Within moments, my plaid skirt was dropped around my ankles and bare breasts ready to be used for Master’s wishes.  I guessed that he wanted me to pound my gushy fresh shaven pussy.  I really wanted to watch my show instead.  “Right now Master?  Perhaps in an hour?” I suggested.

“Massage your clit with the tip of the dildo”  he growled ignoring my suggestion.  His brash words had me squirming in the unknown.

“Spread your legs…nice and wide.  Yes, just like that.”

“Yes Master.”  I struggled to insert more than just the giant head inside of my pink stretchy pussy lips.

“Deeper” he insisted, as the firm cock crowded my cherry.  My cunt was clenched tightly around his dick.

“Show Master who the fuck whore pussy slave is.  Show me how you like to fuck.”  His husky voice and choice of words had me slipping in subspace.

Suddenly, I found my snatch splashing drippy cum in a full all out hose action.  My sheets were severely soaked.

Lastly, I was sprawled out on the bed and didn’t quite didn’t understand what my body just did.  I found myself  in awe of how skilled Master is at bringing about arousal.

Will Master give Leigh’s pussy a break from the hard BDSM training sessions or will he continue to train her to endure a good hard fuck frequently?


Read an erotic novel by Sydney R. Saige.

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