Leigh shares about her most recent encounter with Master.

Master had me on my back with my ankles tied, legs in the air, and pussy at his mouth. His tongue began to lavish me in a wicked sort of way. I felt fcking behindhis hot breath and slippery tongue begin to lap and suck my swollen bud. There was no denying it, it was only a matter of time and I was going to explode. With each sound I made, he entered a new level of arousal and ground his hips into the bed with force. I felt myself cumming. I gushed my pussy juices out and I screamed his name. He had me in a python grip with his arms around my thighs. He sucked leaving not a drop to spare…

to be continued

Does Leigh have the courage to tell her BDSM Master exactly what her pussy wants and needs?


Read an erotic novel about Leigh’s first Master.