This past Friday night, Master and I not only met up for Italian food, but for a bit of unknown bdsm cock and pussy play.

Each day this romantic coupleweek, including today, I was instructed to insert a small vibrator in the small opening just above my clit. There was no result or activity and I tired of this game, but inserted it anyhow to display trust.

However, things were about to change. After we were seated, I saw that Master wore a special ring on his masculine finger. As I soon discovered, it was not an ordinary ring. The silver band and black stone controlled the miniature vibrator nestled inside my warm wetness. One touch of the black stone and it was as if he flicked my ignition switch. In between his sips of scotch he gave me a look that explained exactly how much he loves his control. The game began with turning the vibrator repeatedly on and then off again. I’ll admit, I was amused and surprised at this adventure.

“Feel how hard you make me.

His dimples curved mischievously as he smiled. “Your cheeks are red” he exclaimed as he turned on the toy…

…to be continued

Will Master take their play to a public level? Can Leigh get away with bdsm cock and pussy play with her Master at the restaurant?

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