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The “Flick A Switch by sydney r. saige” blog features a virtual online slave named Leigh.  She ventures into a BDSM relationship with a Master.  

Watch as her story unfolds and as she discloses her taboo sexual experiences.  The blog is intended to educate readers on a submissive’s perspective and is written in a way to amuse readers.

What follows is a snippet from the blog entry titled “Wet” from sydney r. saige:

Master had me on my back with my ankles tied, legs in the air, and pussy at his mouth. His tongue began to lavish me in a wicked sort of way. I felt his hot breath and slippery tongue begin to lap and suck my swollen bud. There was no denying it, it was only a matter of time and I was going to explode. With each sound I made, he entered a new level of arousal and ground his hips into the bed with force. I felt myself cumming. I gushed and I screamed his name. He had me in a python grip with his arms around my thighs. He sucked leaving not a drop to spare. Finally, I shuddered in my last orgasmic fit. 

“Beautiful baby” he remarked…   (See post “Wet” for complete blog entry)

Here is what readers say about the blog:

“Excellent content”


“Could very well be the best (blog) in its field”


“Excellent blog!”

“More and more people have to look at this and understand this side of your story.”

“May I simply just say what a relief to find somebody who genuinely knows what they’re discussing over the internet.”

About Sydney R. Saige

  Ms. Saige’s first began to write erotic stories in her teenage years.  Her strict religious home life kept her away from dating.  She compiled her friend’s dating stories along with her vivid imagination to craft many exciting short stories. These tender first writings were quickly discovered and dealt with promptly by her parents. Unfortunate for her, the writings were turned into her church and her stories ceased.

Decades later, her writing emerged again when she began online dating and exploring the topic of BDSM. Her playful, trusting, and addictive flirtatious nature blossomed into an online fan club.  Even the most tight lipped have leaked their deepest sexual desires.

Sydney writes a couple of blogs for BDSM sources and enjoys sharing her passion for unleashing one’s sexuality.

Her first book, “Yes Master” is available on Amazon as a download.


WARNING – Explicit content.