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Slave Leigh shares about how Master used his methods to punish her with nipple bondage.

Master’s nipple fetish lead him to punish me cleverly. For example, he did not explicitly tell me that I was being punished.  Itclothespins on nipples‘s not often he chooses this method of discipline, but when he does, it keeps me alert and attentive to his desires.

Our session suddenly began with clothespins biting at my pink eraser shaped nipples.  The clips stayed on beyond what I thought was a reasonable amount of time.  To make matters worst, Master

“The clothespins were biting at my pink eraser shaped nipples”

left me hanging without a reply or approval to remove them.  He literally disappeared for a period of time, leaving me to decipher if I was to continue being obedient or to stop the punishment.   I was heated and mad because I felt that he was breaking  my trust in his judgement of how long nipples can endure clips …

…to be continued

Will Master punish Leigh with more harsh nipple bondage since she showed great disrespect for their training?


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Leigh shares about her most recent encounter with Master.

Master had me on my back with my ankles tied, legs in the air, and pussy at his mouth. His tongue began to lavish me in a wicked sort of way. I felt fcking behindhis hot breath and slippery tongue begin to lap and suck my swollen bud. There was no denying it, it was only a matter of time and I was going to explode. With each sound I made, he entered a new level of arousal and ground his hips into the bed with force. I felt myself cumming. I gushed my pussy juices out and I screamed his name. He had me in a python grip with his arms around my thighs. He sucked leaving not a drop to spare…

to be continued

Does Leigh have the courage to tell her BDSM Master exactly what her pussy wants and needs?


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Leigh describes the outcome of her harsh punishment from Master’s pent up frustration with her behavior.

chin under hand ‘Please don’t tear me to shreds Master‘ I said to myself, in anticipation of my fate for Master’s punishment.  Tonight, he was only instant messaging me and was denying me of hearing his voice.   Master had us continue to use the chat feature instead of the phone for quite some time.

Things started with him requesting pictures or video clips of me in a variety of phases of the punishment. The first clip was of me asking Master to please go easy on me and to not “tear me to shreds.” I felt like I was being circled by a vicious shark.  Not knowing what to expect and yet understanding the seriousness of the matter at hand.

My first video clip strangely revealed to me that it looked like I wanted to cry and I had not realized this about myself. I knew I was sad that it had come to this sort of night, but did not know that my face would tell the story. I sent the clip embarrassed by it, and then thought that maybe he would find some compassion in my words and visual.

What followed was bound breasts, enlarged labia lips, expanded clit, protruding nipples also induced with suction and then the wrath of his next request: To attach clothespins to my already tired nipples….

…to be continued


Can Leigh walk a straight and narrow path to keep her Master satisfied?



Leigh shares her surprise as Master prepares to cum.

safe to use blowjob

Master stands before me with his clunky black work boots with his jeans dropped around his ankles in an erotic stance. His stiff long cock with a pink bulging tip is ready for me.

My cum is waiting to fill your throat.”

I can feel the squeeze of my clit clamp each time I hear his voice and it reminds me that I am his.  It’s terribly erotic to the point of almost wanting to squirt every where…

…to be continued


Is Leigh ready to have her mouth become a fuck hole for Master.  Furthermore, will Leigh be able to swallow it all when Master cums?  


Leigh explains what its like to finger fuck herself while at work.

Knowing that Master could dominate me by giving me an order to stop my work and go finger fuck myself to orgasm, intensified my submissiveness. bound In my mind he felt bigger than life when it came to giving me erotic orders.

“…from the nice office girl to a dirty little whore…

His determination to have me perform non-penetrative sex on my fuck hole was his adrenaline rush.

My finger stroked my clitoris to orgasm while he could be heard enjoying himself…

…to be continued

Will Leigh be able to remain discreet enough while playing with herself while at work?

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Master’s erotic fantasy is cast upon Leigh during one of their training sessions.  


During our training session, Master gave me instructions on how he wanted me to use my realistic dildo to pleasure my pussy.

He urged me to move it ever so slowly in and then out.  I obliged and felt a surge of sheer pleasure wash over my body with the slower rhythm.  Lost in the moment of pleasure I played for quite some time.

“Tell me what you taste like”  he said.

“Remove the toy and tell me if its wet Leigh” he said in his dominant tone.

I  removed the toy and saw the slick of my pleasure all over it and replied, “Yes, it is very wet.”

He  said, “now, I want you to take that toy and put it into your mouth.”  …

…to be continued


Can Leigh continue to taste her cum without feeling consumed by her choices?

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Leigh describes what it feels like to leave her traditional realm of sexuality with some ass training.

general backside of woman

I pushed harder and my obedience was tested as I struggled to insert Master’s cock into my tight ass.

“I want to feel the cock inside my pussy” slipped out of my mouth.

“Really now?  This session is run by whom?” he quizzed firmly.

“… this is about pleasuring Master

“You Master” I remarked.

“That means that who decides where and what will happen?” he said sternly.

“You Master, you are in charge here.”

“Exactly” he said enthusiastically…

…to be continued


Will Leigh take a stand for her sexual preferences or will she instead remain obedient to Master’s ways?

In this erotic literature snippet, slave Leigh makes a discovery about Master and his pleasure.

attractive man in lounge chair

It felt like Master was relaxed in his lounge chair, like one that you might see in a night club and giving me a look as if to say, “give me what you got“.

“He literally wanted me to fuck his mind good”

I gathered that perhaps, with me subtly using my intuition to soften his iron sexual gate, I might be able to penetrate his mind a bit.

If only I could rattle the gate in front of him to the point of him feeling the vibrations, I was certain he would surely pursue me even more intently. So, I willingly played along in my obedient, seductive and mild manner. All the while now clearly understanding that Master craved pleasure and sensation as much as I….

…to be continued


Will Master’s ways ever cease to arouse Leigh on a deep level?  

Leigh is instructed to play with her nipple.


“I want you to take your nipple between your finger and start to rub and gently tug on them. Not too hard.”

“Oh, you like that I see, I can hear that in your voice”

Leigh obliged and a new sensation warmed her body.  “How does that feel kitten?” Master asked.

“It feels alright Master, just like they’re being ultra stimulated.”  She held her breast and stretched her aroused nipples.

“Now, stretch your nipples a little harder” he encouraged.  …

…to be continued

How is it that Master knows so much about Leigh’s body and her hidden arousal?  Can Leigh advance to nipple clamps?


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Leigh discusses how it feels to be involved in a power play relationship.

I could feel Master’s control of me mostly upon waking with my orifices empty and yet still vibrating from last nights adventure.  Master had me underware around anklesexactly where he wanted me mentally and physically.

” I felt fabulous after cumming hard…

It felt as if I were being held tightly under his finger and I was satisfied all the way to my submissive core…

…to be continued


Will Leigh continue to find her Master’s training arousing?



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