Leigh describes how Master pushes her to see things his way with regards to nipple piercing.

One of Master’s ways to mold me into his toy was to start a discussion about piercing my gigantic nipples. He expressed his desire to watch nipple ringsmy painted fingernails play with the silver rings attached to my teats.

He thought it would be “hot” to see me do so.

I fought him on this matter without much avail. He broke me down with several punishments and some extensive training on what it means to fully serve a Master. When I finally surrendered and agreed to see stuff his way, he surprisingly agreed to meet me in the middle.

A set of silver manual nipple rings was purchased. The round half inch circle had a narrow opening with two miniature balls on each side of the tips of the ring. These devilish contraptions held my nipple in an erect manner while applying enough pressure to make my pussy dripping wet and to feel the obedience to the liking of Master.

Often I was instructed to wear them under my work shirt and feel the stimulation and special torture they provided.  Unknown to me, they increased the feeling of being “owned”.  In fact, the second they were removed, the feelings of being connected to him slowly faded.

I was given the task of photographing them on myself and …

…to be continued

Can Leigh continue to keep Master satisfied with her faux nipple rings or will he encourage her to take the next step towards the real thing?


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This past Friday night, Master and I not only met up for Italian food, but for a bit of unknown bdsm cock and pussy play.

Each day this romantic coupleweek, including today, I was instructed to insert a small vibrator in the small opening just above my clit. There was no result or activity and I tired of this game, but inserted it anyhow to display trust.

However, things were about to change. After we were seated, I saw that Master wore a special ring on his masculine finger. As I soon discovered, it was not an ordinary ring. The silver band and black stone controlled the miniature vibrator nestled inside my warm wetness. One touch of the black stone and it was as if he flicked my ignition switch. In between his sips of scotch he gave me a look that explained exactly how much he loves his control. The game began with turning the vibrator repeatedly on and then off again. I’ll admit, I was amused and surprised at this adventure.

“Feel how hard you make me.

His dimples curved mischievously as he smiled. “Your cheeks are red” he exclaimed as he turned on the toy…

…to be continued

Will Master take their play to a public level? Can Leigh get away with bdsm cock and pussy play with her Master at the restaurant?

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Slave Leigh shares about how Master used his methods to punish her with nipple bondage.

Master’s nipple fetish lead him to punish me cleverly. For example, he did not explicitly tell me that I was being punished.  Itclothespins on nipples‘s not often he chooses this method of discipline, but when he does, it keeps me alert and attentive to his desires.

Our session suddenly began with clothespins biting at my pink eraser shaped nipples.  The clips stayed on beyond what I thought was a reasonable amount of time.  To make matters worst, Master

“The clothespins were biting at my pink eraser shaped nipples”

left me hanging without a reply or approval to remove them.  He literally disappeared for a period of time, leaving me to decipher if I was to continue being obedient or to stop the punishment.   I was heated and mad because I felt that he was breaking  my trust in his judgement of how long nipples can endure clips …

…to be continued

Will Master punish Leigh with more harsh nipple bondage since she showed great disrespect for their training?


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adults only

I want to be very clear, this blog is meant for ADULTS only.  If you are searching for anything other than that, you will not find it here.  The blog is about celebrating one’s sexuality in a power play ADULT to ADULT agreed upon relationship dynamics.


Sydney R. Saige

Leigh shares about her most recent encounter with Master.

Master had me on my back with my ankles tied, legs in the air, and pussy at his mouth. His tongue began to lavish me in a wicked sort of way. I felt fcking behindhis hot breath and slippery tongue begin to lap and suck my swollen bud. There was no denying it, it was only a matter of time and I was going to explode. With each sound I made, he entered a new level of arousal and ground his hips into the bed with force. I felt myself cumming. I gushed my pussy juices out and I screamed his name. He had me in a python grip with his arms around my thighs. He sucked leaving not a drop to spare…

to be continued

Does Leigh have the courage to tell her BDSM Master exactly what her pussy wants and needs?


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Leigh finds herself thrust into a BDSM training session immediately after work without warning.

orgasming womanLately, Master has a thing for fucking my pussy until I beg for not another thrust.

I had just walked in the door and took a sip of my Starbucks.  I had planned on chilling to a new season of a television show.

Instead Master the dictatorial phoned me.  His orders snuffed out my plans swiftly.  Much like a bobcat capturing an unsuspecting rabbit.

“Remove your clothes” he instructed.

There was no questioning his rules.  Within moments, my plaid skirt was dropped around my ankles and bare breasts ready to be used for Master’s wishes.  I guessed that he wanted me to pound my gushy fresh shaven pussy.  I really wanted to watch my show instead.  “Right now Master?  Perhaps in an hour?” I suggested.

“Massage your clit with the tip of the dildo”  he growled ignoring my suggestion.  His brash words had me squirming in the unknown.

“Spread your legs…nice and wide.  Yes, just like that.”

“Yes Master.”  I struggled to insert more than just the giant head inside of my pink stretchy pussy lips.

“Deeper” he insisted, as the firm cock crowded my cherry.  My cunt was clenched tightly around his dick.

“Show Master who the fuck whore pussy slave is.  Show me how you like to fuck.”  His husky voice and choice of words had me slipping in subspace.

Suddenly, I found my snatch splashing drippy cum in a full all out hose action.  My sheets were severely soaked.

Lastly, I was sprawled out on the bed and didn’t quite didn’t understand what my body just did.  I found myself  in awe of how skilled Master is at bringing about arousal.

Will Master give Leigh’s pussy a break from the hard BDSM training sessions or will he continue to train her to endure a good hard fuck frequently?


Read an erotic novel by Sydney R. Saige.

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Submissive Leigh is warmed by the Thanksgiving holiday and decides to write her Master an affectionate note to celebrate the 28th day of November.

fuck pussy pic

Dear Master,

First, I wanted to wish you an absolute terrific holiday. Secondly, I have detailed out 28 reasons why I am thankful that you are my Master.

1. Waking up in an aroused stupor while anticipated the flavor of your cum.  Knowing that every time my mouth were full, you would surely say, “swallow.” 

2. You think I’m pretty even when I am not at my best.

3. The thought of pleasuring your balls and ass to your satisfaction.

4. My rock hard nipples upon hearing your voice.

5. Knowing that if you wanted to fuck my ass Master…that I would not have a choice in the matter.

6. The way you affectionately call me “kitten.”bad cock whore

7. The suspense of having my ass smacked by your strong hand.

8. The unpredictable nature of your orders.

9. For pushing me past my limits and safely returning me….

…to be continued

Will Master appreciate Leigh’s letter of thanks and treat her to multiple orgasms or will her efforts go left without notice.

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Master pushes Leigh to understand all that her body is capable of with squirting.


“Write ‘Master’s Fuck Slut‘ on your tits” he ordered.  Something about his request made my lips curl into a smile.

Like a good devoted slave, I used a black broad tip sharpie to print out the letters largely across the tops of my oversized melons. With surprise, my pussy was drenched in excitement.

…don’t you dare fucking stop

Affectionately he responded, “Perfect” once I finished. I detected passion in his voice, “you make Master very happy.”

“Thank you Master.” I wanted to devour his sexuality and ride out the intense cosmic energy building between us.  I craved him in a deep animalistic way.  Strangely, I was discovering there wasn’t much I wouldn’t do to please him….

to be continued


Can Leigh remain obedient to her determined Master?  Can she taste her own fruits of excitement splattered on her sheets as Master desires?


Read an erotic adventure by Sydney R. Saige.

Submissive Leigh shares the growing concern regarding a potential discipline from her Master for her decisions.


I could detect the discipline he was about to administer right here at my work. His phone call instantly popped my zen bubble leaving my mood soured.  I thought I had excused myself of our training with my busy schedule.

I felt it (the dildo) being propelled out of my hole by its virgin tightness.

“Do tell me, where are my pictures kitten?”  A part of my training was to provide pictures to Master throughout the day to show him I was doing the training that he instructed me to do.

“I sent you an email explaining that I was too busy to train Master.”

“Nonsense, where is your anal plug?”

“It’s in my purse.” Is he serious?

“Go to the restroom and drive it into your tight asshole. Now!” he ordered.

I promptly walked to the restroom and once inside, I pulled down my cum stained pants.  I slowly wedged the plug into my tight hole.

“Nice and deep.”

I felt it being propelled out of my hole by the virgin tightness…

…to be continued


Whatever will Master do to Leigh when he administers the remainder of her punishment?  Can Leigh handle working with a spicy hot unhappy Master?

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Leigh is ordered to masturbate at work by her controlling dominant Master.

dominant bdsm orgasm (1)

It was late at night and I ended up staying at the office to meet an urgent deadline, forgetting about my dominant Master’s needs. There were several other staffers finishing up their projects as they walked about the office to the coffee machine. I was interrupted by Master’s phone call.  He inquired about me taking a break from my project to serve him.  

…tell Master who the cum slut whore is?

I resisted politely and eventually not long after that, I was opening the heavy door to the dark conference room just down the hallway from my desk.  The large window at the far end of the room faced the dimly lit parking lot.  I kept the lights turned off to ensure that no one would notice me using the room.

“Pull down your pants” said Master as the clunky door closed itself behind me.  I gasped in pure shock over his request.  I wanted to question his judgement, but instead I obeyed as I pressed my back against the door.  With pants dropped around my ankles, I slid down the surface area of the door and sat down with my legs spread apart.  The cool air amplified the growing wetness between my legs.

“Play with your nipple” he instructed.  My fingers searched and immediately found my erect nipple.  There seemed to be a strong love affair going on between Master’s voice and my throbbing nipples.  The sensation of my touch ignited my desire to experience more pleasure and frolic.

“Now, slowly rub your clit…real light” said Master’s gruff voice…

…to be continued

Can Leigh contain herself enough to not alert other staff members of her about to be exploding orgasm?  

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