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Slave Leigh experiences what it’s like to have a crowded pussy at the direction of her Master.

“Find your suction toy and attach it to the closed toilet lid.”

I quickly undress as I head toward the nearest bathroom. Once there, I squat upon the cock and let it brush against my opening.filled pussy

“Yeah, that’s it.  Massage your clit with the tip of the dick.”

My breathing quickened as the dildo danced upon my fuck button.

“Master, this toy is rather long and large” I explain.

“Yes, and it is ALL going inside of you. Master wants to see you feel what it’s like to take a large cock.”

I’ll admit, I didn’t know how I was going to fit this all of it inside of me, but my sensitive clit was taking a liking to the stimulation…

To be continued…


Did Leigh’s crowded pussy surrender to an orgasm without permission from Master?


Slave Leigh is summoned to fuck herself with a hefty cucumber despite her resistance.

Little did I know that my joke about the splendid size of a cucumber to my friend would result in a mind blowing fuck session. cucumberIndeed, that is exactly what happened at the direction of Master.

Straight from the chilly refrigerator, I feared it was obnoxiously brisk. Instead the firm, rounded end, soothed my steaming hot clit and massaged it into a preorgasmic frenzy.

“Who owns that pussy Kitten?…tell Master….he wants to know.”

“Master owns this pussy” I replied,  shivering with thrill as the cucumber danced upon my bulging  fuck button.  Its warty surface rubbing against my pussy sent waves of delight.

“That’s right.  Now fuck yourself” he ordered….

to be continued


Will Leigh use the cucumber that gave a good fuck in her salad later that afternoon or will she discard it after training?


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Leigh finds herself thrust into a BDSM training session immediately after work without warning.

orgasming womanLately, Master has a thing for fucking my pussy until I beg for not another thrust.

I had just walked in the door and took a sip of my Starbucks.  I had planned on chilling to a new season of a television show.

Instead Master the dictatorial phoned me.  His orders snuffed out my plans swiftly.  Much like a bobcat capturing an unsuspecting rabbit.

“Remove your clothes” he instructed.

There was no questioning his rules.  Within moments, my plaid skirt was dropped around my ankles and bare breasts ready to be used for Master’s wishes.  I guessed that he wanted me to pound my gushy fresh shaven pussy.  I really wanted to watch my show instead.  “Right now Master?  Perhaps in an hour?” I suggested.

“Massage your clit with the tip of the dildo”  he growled ignoring my suggestion.  His brash words had me squirming in the unknown.

“Spread your legs…nice and wide.  Yes, just like that.”

“Yes Master.”  I struggled to insert more than just the giant head inside of my pink stretchy pussy lips.

“Deeper” he insisted, as the firm cock crowded my cherry.  My cunt was clenched tightly around his dick.

“Show Master who the fuck whore pussy slave is.  Show me how you like to fuck.”  His husky voice and choice of words had me slipping in subspace.

Suddenly, I found my snatch splashing drippy cum in a full all out hose action.  My sheets were severely soaked.

Lastly, I was sprawled out on the bed and didn’t quite didn’t understand what my body just did.  I found myself  in awe of how skilled Master is at bringing about arousal.

Will Master give Leigh’s pussy a break from the hard BDSM training sessions or will he continue to train her to endure a good hard fuck frequently?


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Submissive Leigh is warmed by the Thanksgiving holiday and decides to write her Master an affectionate note to celebrate the 28th day of November.

fuck pussy pic

Dear Master,

First, I wanted to wish you an absolute terrific holiday. Secondly, I have detailed out 28 reasons why I am thankful that you are my Master.

1. Waking up in an aroused stupor while anticipated the flavor of your cum.  Knowing that every time my mouth were full, you would surely say, “swallow.” 

2. You think I’m pretty even when I am not at my best.

3. The thought of pleasuring your balls and ass to your satisfaction.

4. My rock hard nipples upon hearing your voice.

5. Knowing that if you wanted to fuck my ass Master…that I would not have a choice in the matter.

6. The way you affectionately call me “kitten.”bad cock whore

7. The suspense of having my ass smacked by your strong hand.

8. The unpredictable nature of your orders.

9. For pushing me past my limits and safely returning me….

…to be continued

Will Master appreciate Leigh’s letter of thanks and treat her to multiple orgasms or will her efforts go left without notice.

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Master pushes Leigh to understand all that her body is capable of with squirting.


“Write ‘Master’s Fuck Slut‘ on your tits” he ordered.  Something about his request made my lips curl into a smile.

Like a good devoted slave, I used a black broad tip sharpie to print out the letters largely across the tops of my oversized melons. With surprise, my pussy was drenched in excitement.

…don’t you dare fucking stop

Affectionately he responded, “Perfect” once I finished. I detected passion in his voice, “you make Master very happy.”

“Thank you Master.” I wanted to devour his sexuality and ride out the intense cosmic energy building between us.  I craved him in a deep animalistic way.  Strangely, I was discovering there wasn’t much I wouldn’t do to please him….

to be continued


Can Leigh remain obedient to her determined Master?  Can she taste her own fruits of excitement splattered on her sheets as Master desires?


Read an erotic adventure by Sydney R. Saige.

Submissive Leigh finds herself lost in pleasure at the skillful mercy of Master.


It wasn’t long after my alarm clock sounded, that a submissive such as myself was thrust out of bed and instructed to sit on top of a dildo.

I fucked it like a wild animal in heat. All of this was quite unexpected as I had just been lying in my warm bed slowly waking and going through the days events in my mind.

Swiftly, in whooshed Master’s message and inquisition, “what are you wearing?” he asked.

“The feel of my soft fingertips pressing on my growing clit aroused and fed my inner slut.

Shortly after his question, I was feeling the cool air upon my undressed skin. Cold enough to alert my rosy nipples and to bring about bumps to my flesh. I promptly assumed my role of Master’s cum whore slave, complete with a pink leather collar. 

“Touch your clit with your fingertips” his gruff testosterone voice directed, ” tell me if you are wet.”

I reached down to discover that I am drenched in warm slick wet pussy juice…

…to be continued

Can Leigh find the courage to tell her Master that she daydreams of what he would be like in person?   Is she turning a corner and craving her skillful Master’s ways?  

Leigh explains what its like to finger fuck herself while at work.

Knowing that Master could dominate me by giving me an order to stop my work and go finger fuck myself to orgasm, intensified my submissiveness. bound In my mind he felt bigger than life when it came to giving me erotic orders.

“…from the nice office girl to a dirty little whore…

His determination to have me perform non-penetrative sex on my fuck hole was his adrenaline rush.

My finger stroked my clitoris to orgasm while he could be heard enjoying himself…

…to be continued

Will Leigh be able to remain discreet enough while playing with herself while at work?

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Leigh is instructed to play with her nipple.


“I want you to take your nipple between your finger and start to rub and gently tug on them. Not too hard.”

“Oh, you like that I see, I can hear that in your voice”

Leigh obliged and a new sensation warmed her body.  “How does that feel kitten?” Master asked.

“It feels alright Master, just like they’re being ultra stimulated.”  She held her breast and stretched her aroused nipples.

“Now, stretch your nipples a little harder” he encouraged.  …

…to be continued

How is it that Master knows so much about Leigh’s body and her hidden arousal?  Can Leigh advance to nipple clamps?


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