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Slave Leigh shares how Master decides to tease her asshole with his erect shaft.

Master intends to snug his warm throbbing cock into my taut asshole.

He has first pulled down his navy colored eightImage ball boxers to let his cock burrow in the crack of my ass.

“Damn, you are so fucking adorable…” he whispers as he tugs on the pink leather collar around my neck.  Reminding me that I am his play thing.

“Is Leigh an obedient fucking cum whore pussy slut slave that puts her Master first?”

To be continued…


Can Leigh leave the argument behind her and allow Master to play with her taut asshole.


Slave Leigh shares how Master marks his territory with cum.

Master wiped his slippery pre-cum onto my small pink lips with his fingertips.  His round pattern and his blue eyes watched my reaction intently as he did so. cum 2

“Sensational…” he remarked as he finished.  I must admit, I’ve never had this done before and it was quite a surprise, yet it also was a turn on.

You like having my cum in your mouth…don’t you?”

After that, he drew me in for a deep kiss, while holding my chin.  The kiss pushed the cum all over my tongue and the flavor was uniquely Master’s.  I felt my rock hard nipples brushing against my t-shirt

“You like having my cum in your mouth, don’t you kitten?”  I nodded my head in approval.

He continued to milk his cock and then swipe the precum off of the tip of his dick several times and repeated his little game of covering my lips…


to be continued


Will Master like that Leigh beat him to the taste or will she endure discipline for her swift choice to taste her cum first?


Slave Leigh is summoned to fuck herself with a hefty cucumber despite her resistance.

Little did I know that my joke about the splendid size of a cucumber to my friend would result in a mind blowing fuck session. cucumberIndeed, that is exactly what happened at the direction of Master.

Straight from the chilly refrigerator, I feared it was obnoxiously brisk. Instead the firm, rounded end, soothed my steaming hot clit and massaged it into a preorgasmic frenzy.

“Who owns that pussy Kitten?…tell Master….he wants to know.”

“Master owns this pussy” I replied,  shivering with thrill as the cucumber danced upon my bulging  fuck button.  Its warty surface rubbing against my pussy sent waves of delight.

“That’s right.  Now fuck yourself” he ordered….

to be continued


Will Leigh use the cucumber that gave a good fuck in her salad later that afternoon or will she discard it after training?


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Master’s erotic fantasy is cast upon Leigh during one of their training sessions.  


During our training session, Master gave me instructions on how he wanted me to use my realistic dildo to pleasure my pussy.

He urged me to move it ever so slowly in and then out.  I obliged and felt a surge of sheer pleasure wash over my body with the slower rhythm.  Lost in the moment of pleasure I played for quite some time.

“Tell me what you taste like”  he said.

“Remove the toy and tell me if its wet Leigh” he said in his dominant tone.

I  removed the toy and saw the slick of my pleasure all over it and replied, “Yes, it is very wet.”

He  said, “now, I want you to take that toy and put it into your mouth.”  …

…to be continued


Can Leigh continue to taste her cum without feeling consumed by her choices?

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Slave Leigh decides she is craving her Master.  

I craved Master’s smell, his taste, his cum, his voice and wanted to lick and suck every part of him. Devour him in an oral sort of way.

I imagined mysucking cock ,,,,,,,,,, fingers exploring his body and feeling his strong hands moving my hands to where he wanted his pleasure. His bulging cock ready to explode in his pants, me unleashing it, my head being held just beneath his balls.  My tongue ravishing his body.

“My beautiful whore, tell me who owns you?

Licking, sucking, and dripping all over the crisp sheets. Me humping his leg and leaving my pussy juices smeared all over his thighs. His cock filling my throat and pressing deeply against my cheek. My hands restrained behind my back leaving me with only my mouth to use.  Being left on my knees to suck until Master determined he’d had enough.  A red satin tie placed around my eyes while igniting unknown pleasure.  Master’s strong hand smacked lightly against my cheek, “my beautiful whore, tell me who owns you?”

Can submissive Leigh contain her strong feelings for her Master?



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The Flick A Switch #BDSM blog features a virtual online slave named Leigh that ventures into a BDSM relationship with a Master.  Watch as her story unfolds and as she discloses her taboo sexual experiences.  The blog is intended to educate and amuse readers.


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